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  • Good Stress, Bad Stress, It All Adds Up

    If you are not stressed in these economic times, you should be—or so it seems if you pay attention to the media long enough these days. The holidays are coming up also, and here’s the thing: there’s good stress and bad stress, but your body treats it the same. It adds up quickly. Ever heard of the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory?

  • The New “Female Problem”

    In the halls of the nation’s businesses, the hushed whispers once reserved for gossip and Monday morning quarterbacking now echo the despair that stressed-out women are feeling in their role as caregivers. While a growing percentage of today’s caregivers are men, the role is still largely filled by women. Male management does not have the tools to adequately discuss and remedy what could be considered the new “female problem” in the workplace.

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