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  • Parenting Questions for Those with Adult Children

    Your children are now adults. Does that mean that they don’t need you anymore? Of course not! They still need you, but in a different way than when they were little. So, are you prepared to parent a different way today than when you did in years past?

    Here are seven questions to help you balance the letting go and the holding on.

  • I Can’t Make Everything Okay

    Bruno Bettelheim Said It All

    I am 57 years old and have sons aged 20 and 15. When I was pregnant, I read a few books about my pending new parent status, and a friend gave me a copy of A Good Enough Parent by Bruno Bettelheim, an Austrian psychologist famous for working with autistic kids. I'm pretty sure I actually read the whole book, but the title and the premise certainly stuck with me. Bruno said good parenting is knowing who you are, understanding your own childhood, and doing your best to be a good parent. He said that was sufficient.

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