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  • Boomer Women: Are You Ready for a Transition or a Change?

    As a professional woman who has been in the workforce for many years, you have experienced many changes and transitions. Do you know the difference between the two? Since each is an important piece of leading a well-balanced life, it’s important to be clear on each.

    Change is a one-time occurrence. For example:

  • Retirement Jobs: How Is Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

    Always the feisty ones, you boomers aren’t going to let the economy slow you down!

    If you have already retired or been laid off, you may want to get back into the employment scene. That may be easier said than done, but so what! You’re resilient and flexible. What’s your plan B?

  • Traveling with Young Adult Children: Is This Insanity?

    Family vacations may have been wonderful when your kiddos were still little and you were in charge. You were definitely the parent, roles were defined, and everyone knew their place. Then, lo and behold, those youngsters grew up!

    This changes many things in your life, but it’s the natural order of things. They grow up, and you become less of a parent and more of a friend, a comrade. You will always be their parent, but something has shifted and it may take some adjustment on your part.

  • Parenting Questions for Those with Adult Children

    Your children are now adults. Does that mean that they don’t need you anymore? Of course not! They still need you, but in a different way than when they were little. So, are you prepared to parent a different way today than when you did in years past?

    Here are seven questions to help you balance the letting go and the holding on.

  • I Know Where I Want to Live, but Now What?

    Okay, you have narrowed down some of your options for where you want to live. You’ve decided between urban and country, you know the weather you want, and you feel comfortable with your decisions.

    Well, here are some more options for you. You are fortunate that you have quite a variety of choices, and you probably have decades of living left, so you want to be sure you think things through. Check these out, and see what feels right for you:

  • Retirement Living: Sounds Great, but Where?

    It’s a big world. Do you know where you want to be? Do you want to stay right where you are or move? Or stay put but purchase a second or even a third home?

    All the choices can be very overwhelming. Let’s just break it down into some basic areas, so you don’t get too crazy over all this. Here are some things to consider:

  • Couples Conversations: Do You Have Them?

    So, how much do you know about what your spouse or partner really wants to do when he or she finally gets to retire? I don’t mean what do you believe or guess your significant other wants to do. That’s too easy. I am sure you can believe or guess whatever you want, but you may be far from the truth!

  • The Value of Ethical Wills

    A great deal has recently been written about ethical wills. You may first want to know what they are.

    Ethical wills are also called “love letters” or “legacy letters,” which may give you a hint. These letters are nonlegal documents that pass along family stories, life lessons, and anything else someone wishes to be remembered for. These come from the heart, not from the trust fund or bank account.

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