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  • Eat Breakfast at Home to Avoid Trans Fats

    Some fast-food chains have jumped on the trans-free train and successfully eliminated these fats from most of their choices. Other chains have not.

    A quick look at the nutrition information for Jack in the Box breakfast items clearly shows that trans-isomer fatty acids (i.e., "trans fat") are still on the menu. Here are the items I found with at least three grams of trans fat per serving:

  • Natural Sources of Plant Sterols and Stanol Esters

    The first time many of us heard of plant sterols and plant stanol esters, and their ability to help decrease total and LDL cholesterol levels, was in a margarine commercial. Brands like Benecol and Take Control hit the market by storm a few years ago—and their message came through loud and clear. But here’s the thing: many foods are natural sources of these same phytochemicals. You can find plant sterols and stanol esters in plant foods like these:

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