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  • Secondhand Smoke Harms Your Pet

    Would you quit smoking for your pet’s health? New survey findings suggest that 28% of adult pet owners would try. The study is from the Henry Ford Health System Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and appears in Tobacco Control.

    Of interest to me were the cited studies that linked pet health and secondhand smoke. (Sorry, no word on pets who actually smoke.)

  • The FDA and Tobacco: Questions About the Landmark Regulation Bill

    On June 22, 2009, President Obama signed a bill that gave the FDA regulating authority over tobacco. It is supposed to be a blow to the tobacco industry and its advertising efforts. No more flavored tobacco or “light cigarette” claims.

    But I have a few questions:

  • Does Alcohol Increase or Decrease Your Risk of Cancer?

    Well, here we go. Many recent studies, including one I referenced recently, have lauded drinking alcohol for its heart and stroke benefits. Now comes a large British study advising caution: any alcohol at all may increase the risk of cancer.

    The study followed women, but I don’t see why its conclusions wouldn’t apply to men too. 

  • Are You Benefiting from the Power of Beans?

    Beans offer an amazing package of nutrients—every piece is important—but the beauty is in the balance. Beans are high in protein and bursting with beneficial phytochemicals. You get good-quality carbohydrates that interact with lots of fiber to be digested slowly. Beans have been shown to result in relatively small increases in blood glucose levels following meals—in people with and without diabetes. But that’s not all they do:

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