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  • Newspapers Fueling Terror of Computers Among the Elderly

    Newspaper writers are bored but assigned to the age beat. How lucky. We have yet another entry in the annals of "why seniors hate computers news" library. This one from the Boston Globe searches for a way to write condescendingly about seniors and their fear and loathing when it comes to using a computer.

  • Why You Should Never Keep Things in the Attic

    After cleaning out estates for almost 20 years, my assistant and I have a saying I’d like to share: “People shouldn’t put stuff in attics. They’re young when they put it up there, and when they finally think about cleaning it out, they are too old.” Somewhat comical, it holds a ring of truth as well. I’ve seen so many attics in my lifetime that I can predict with 98% accuracy what’s up there and the position it is placed in!

  • Technophiles Should Teach Technophobes Now

    Some seniors are left out of the technology tsunami. According to the Pew Research latest numbers, 38% of those 65+ are using the Internet at home.

  • Ten Aging in Place Trends to Watch in 2010

    It's the end of the year and time for a wrap-up of the indicators from 2009 that will drive trends for 2010.

  • Starting Your Own Business to Serve Boomers and Seniors

    I have heard from a number of folks in recent months about the businesses they are starting, so I would like to ask and answer a few questions about this.

  • New to Family Caregiving? Follow Simple Rules to Stay Sane

    Rule #1: Drop all expectations of “success”; caregiving is a process, not a goal. We boomers approach life tasks as if they were projects: identify the problem, determine goals, develop strategies and action plans. Forget all that. Caregiving is a day-at-a-time effort. It begins, it goes on for some period, and then it ends. It’s a process.

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