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  • Effort Beyond Task

    The dog days of February—effort beyond task: I was in an assisted living/nursing home last week and saw the same golden retriever dog (whose master is the ever-cheerful maintenance guy) and down another hall, a snoozing cat. Here's something I've not seen surveyed: What percentage of senior housing organizations permit and even encourage pets on the premises and in the presence of seniors? If you know the answer to this question, please contact me!

  • Pump Up the Boomer Volume on Tech Hype

    CNBC wants to believe boomers represent big business. Tom Brokaw says it is so about “boomer$” in a book and an upcoming CNBC TV special.

  • Smoke Signals and Caregiving Apps

    The year of the “care.” As one VC executive, Andy Donner of Physic Ventures, noted recently, this is the year of the “care.” There seems to be a growing list of vendors who are trying to offer some sort of “keep in touch” product that connects an older person with family members who may live elsewhere. The basic element is to provide some means to signal “concerned about you” from family members and obtain an “I'm all right” response from the older family—accompanied by the ability to react in the event that a response is not received.

  • Is the iPad for Boomers and Seniors?

    So much iHoopla about the iPad. But as the famous saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Folks at Apple must be having a great time with this. The geeks have weighed in, and plenty of snippy negative commentary has been spewed about the Apple iPad (including lots of sophomoric humor about the product name).

  • Aging in Place, Living Well, Thriving at Home, Welderly, Zoomers

    Medicine turned into health care, doctors became providers, small coffee cups became tall, exercise became fitness, recycling became a sustainability tactic. So it has come to pass that politically correct eventually becomes . . . correct. And everything else therefore becomes incorrect, inappropriate, or even offensive.

  • The Myth of a PC-Free Life for Boomers and Seniors

    PCs and Macs represent growth markets in 2010. With the excitement (translate that “lots of press”) about a wide variety of PC-less connection choices for TV, radio, and books, one might almost think the PC and its Mac brethren were dead; however, PC sales are actually expected to grow 10% this year.

  • The Virtual Doctor's Visit

    Wait, wait, don't tell us. If we are patient, media reports will enable us to fully catch up with attitudes about technology in 2006. No, despite many typos in this blog, that's not one.

  • Cell Phones for Seniors

    Don't get me wrong. I love my BlackBerry. Really for no reason except that it fairly reliably buzzes wherever I am so that I can read emails, 80% of which are basically junk. This makes me a true junkie, I guess. Otherwise, my PC is vastly preferable, with its big screen, connected to the fiber that I am lucky enough to have connected to my house. My cheap cell phone is a (slightly) better phone and doesn't make me feel like I am talking on a calculator.

  • Ten Aging in Place Trends to Watch in 2010

    It's the end of the year and time for a wrap-up of the indicators from 2009 that will drive trends for 2010.

  • Where Are You When You Need Help?

    Another day, another idea from Japan on how to help seniors be and feel safe(r)—this time from Panasonic. The aging wave, or “silver market” in Japan (22% are 65+) is the fastest-growing segment and has prompted numerous corporate experiments on how to care for (or at least keep tabs on) people who have no nearby family.

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