Who Are Silver Advisors?

  • Independent* and professional geriatric care managers, MSWs, and RNs
  • Professional architects and home remodelers

What Do They Do?

  • Clarify concerns
  • Suggest a plan of action
  • Help prioritize next steps
  • Furnish personalized written plans and recommendations

What Can They Help With?

  • Fall prevention
  • Navigating Medicare
  • Senior driving
  • Other aging-related issues

Silver Advisors can help with multiple aging-related issues, for example:

[*Silver Advisors are not affiliated with any medical or insurance provider, and they are not paid for referring you to outside agencies. Their sole concern is to resolve your issue(s) in the most efficient way possible.]

Silver Advisors can help with the following concerns:

  • Fall prevention
  • Navigating Medicare
  • Senior driving
  • Other aging-related issues

Here's what Brooke, of Seattle, Washington, had to say about this extraordinary new resource:

"As a once-skeptical consumer of phone counseling, I was won over by the Silver Advisor who assisted me. The breadth and depth of her eldercare experience, excellent listening skills, ability to quickly and thoroughly assess my mother’s issues, and provide essential advice was impressive. I found her recommendations very helpful and won’t hesitate to use this valuable service again."

So reach out to a Silver Advisor for a little peace of mind. Call now!

Meet Our Silver Advisors

Silver Advisor - Mary Lynn Pannen

Geriatric Care Management, Nursing, Health Care, Social Work

Silver Advisor | Karen Braitmayer

Accessibility Consultant, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Lifelong Wheelchair User, Universal Design Expert

Silver Advisor Debbie Reinberg, Family Conflict Coach

Family Conflict Coach

Silver Advisor Carolyn Rosenblatt, Elder Mediation Consultant

Elder Mediation Expert, Caregiving Consultant


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