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Smart Phones, Brain Mush and Cell Phone Radiation Scams

Can Cell Phones increase health risks? Can radiation blockers help?

By Florence Klein
Florence Klein
Courtesy of Florence Klein, Founder,

It has been almost ten years since the Federal Trade Commission charged Stock Value 1, Inc. and Comstar Communications, Inc. with falsely representing their products as being able to block up to 97% or 99% of radiation and other electromagnetic energy from cell phones. The allegations pointed out that there was insufficient evidence to support these claims.

These products and scams are still around today. They use our fears to sell us products claimed to block or reduce a cell phone’s SAR. SAR stands for specific absorption rate. This is the rate radiation is emitted from a cell phone. Do these products work? Not according to the FTC, the Better Business Bureau or the government funded National Consumer Protection Week.

We have new research and information available on any increased cancer risks associated with cell phone use. We have information on cell phone radiation emission levels available from the phone manufacturers or the service carriers. What we do not have is the evidence that phone radiation shielding devices reduce the radiation.

Do we need fear brain cancer from cell phone use? Most expert organizations have concluded that the body of research available today does not support the idea that cell phone use leads to cancer. Can cell phones increase our risk of cancer? Again the experts do not see a correlation between the two. Can we reduce our exposure just in case? Yes, but not with radiation blockers or reducers.

What we want to do is reduce our exposure and protect ourselves from the high pressure sales pitches and alluring sales hype for cell phone radiation shields. Don’t give into the desire to limit your radiation exposure with a product that will not work.

Instead, take action to reduce your exposure. Simple changes in your cell phone usage will reduce the radiation you absorb. Follow these tips whenever you can:

  • Use an earpiece or speakerphone feature. Exposure decreases as the distance between your body and the cell phone increases.
  • Carry your cell phone as far away from your body as you can. A purse or belt clip is better than a pocket.
  • Wait until you receive a good signal. Weaker signals cause cell phones to use more power and emit more radiation.
  • Tilt your cell phone away from your head when talking. Cell phones emit more radiation transmitting than receiving.
  • Texting more; talk less. Cell phones put out less radiation and it is farther from your head when you text.
  • Keep calls as short as possible when using your cell pone. Less talk equals less exposure.
  • Before you buy a phone.
  • Research cell phone SAR ratings (which tell how much radiation the body absorbs while using the phone) before selecting a new phone.

Use these tips and you will reduce any cancer risks that might be associated with cell phone use, save your self the cost of products that to date do not work and rest a little easier.

To file a complaint or get free information on consumer issues, visit the FTC or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261 or watch a video, How to File a Complaint.

Published August 4, 2011

Updated August 3, 2011

Florence Klein

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