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Another Package Delivery Email Scam

This time, it’s written to sound like the sender is to blame

By Susan Hindman

A new email scam is circulating around the country. The message leads you to believe that a UPS or FedEx package that you (might have) sent could not be delivered because the recipient’s address was incorrect. The email says to print the attached invoice and then come to the office to collect the package.  

But if you open the attachment, you’re headed for trouble. says that while the attachment bears a harmless-looking Word document icon, in reality it’s a virus-launching ZIP file.

Both UPS and FedEx issued warnings on their sites that these emails are fraudulent and that the attachments should not be opened. UPS wrote that it “may send official notification messages on occasion, but they rarely include attachments.” FedEx said emails it sends with tracking updates for undeliverable packages “do not include attachments.”

If you did send a package and received one of these messages, and you’re in doubt about its authenticity, contact the customer service department at either company. Otherwise, just delete the email. As is true with all unfamiliar emails, never open any attachments that come with them. In addition, make sure you update your antivirus software weekly, and back up your hard drive regularly.

Published September 15, 2008

Susan Hindman
Silver Planet Feature Writer

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