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  • Nelson Mandela Based Email Scams

    Two email scams use Nelson Mandela’s name to lure victims into the hoax. Scams are always a shame but to use Nelson Mandela as bait makes these truly distasteful.

  • The Hitman Scam Goes Mobile
    Scary text messages

    If you should happen to be the target of one of these scams, do not fall for it. Report it to the local authorities. If the scam comes to your phone here is what to do:

  • Grand Dad? It Is Me
    Family Emergency Scams

    Popularly know as the Grandma Scam, Family Emergency Scams are popular around the holidays and come in many varieties but they use the same hook to get at your money; a relative is in trouble and needs your help. You need to send cash to help them out of a tight spot, now!

  • Big Enough for News, Big Enough for Scams
    Philippines typhoon disaster big enough for scams

  • Affordable Care Act Based Fraud
    Scams use ObamaCare for ID theft

    The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as many call it, began open enrollment this week and scammers started using this as a way to gather and steal personal information for their gain and your loss. The scams use the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Exchange or Marketplace as a way to fool the American public into giving away personal information.

  • Colorado Flood Fraud Alert

  • Department of Homeland Security Malware Scam
    Increased reports involving DHS themed ransomware

    The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) warns of increased reports involving malware targeting users with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) themed ransomware.

  • Alarming Growth in Financial Crimes Targeting Elderly
    Major Elder Crime Issues

  • Food Recalls: How Safe Is Our Food Supply?
    2009 Largest Food Recall in U.S. History

  • Alzheimer’s Diagnosis at What Cost?
    Families no longer have to wait to find out if their elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s.

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