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Here’s a hint: MLM

By Florence Klein
Florence Klein
Courtesy of Florence Klein, Founder,

If you listen to talk radio, you’ve probably heard ads for enthusiastically voiced by talk show hosts such as Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck, and Dr. Laura. The ads are high on praise for the business but lacking in useful information, so I went to the Web site to see what I could learn. If you type in the address from the ad, it defaults to this link:, which brings up the site.

The home page is full of promo-speak, but if you want to find out what the actual job is or what the business behind it all is, you have to divulge your full name, email address, phone number, and zip code. Otherwise you won’t get past the first page; there are no links to any kind of information.

I wasn’t in the mood to give them my info, but I also wasn’t going to let the paid endorser have the final word. So a bit of searching was in order. The Better Business Bureau’s Web site doesn’t list “” in their directory; what comes up is Online Business Systems (OBS), which is the parent company to 16 Web sites, one of which is Despite 58 complaints in the past 36 months, OBS gets an A+ rating, so they haven’t done enough wrong to upset the bureau.

A quick jaunt to the OBS Web site tells a little more about what the overall company does: it provides tools to help people interested in running an online business. Selling what, though? “We work with a respected multi-billion dollar company providing useful products, we offer a cutting edge marketing system, and we are backed by a top-notch leadership team,” the site says. The “system” combines three “areas”: a home-based business, health and wellness, and the Internet.

And the products are…?

The BBB to the rescue. It’s Herbalife. That’s what most online comments said as well.

But at least one online post didn’t mention Herbalife at all, but instead said they were directed to a business called Carbon Copy Pro; from there, they were funneled into a much more expensive multilevel marketing (MLM) site called Wealthmasters. Others complainers just say bad things about OBS but go on to tout their own marketing ventures.

Whatever. Just be aware that is an MLM venture that isn’t remotely candid about what it is. So is one of its siblings that I also heard advertised on the radio, (not to be confused
with, which appears to be unrelated). If you plan on pursuing either of these, check the BBB’s reliability report, learn about MLMs ahead of time—one way is to read the Federal Trade Commission’s Facts for Consumers—and pay attention to your red-flag detector.

Published January 22, 2010

Florence Klein

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