Julian Block

Julian Block is a nationally recognized attorney who has been singled out as a "leading tax professional" (New York Times), "an accomplished writer on taxes" (Wall Street Journal), and "an authority on tax planning” (Financial Planning Magazine). He is frequently quoted by such publications as Business Week, Money, the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, and the Wall Street Journal. Block is well known for his ability to translate complicated tax laws into plain English and for the concise, entertaining way he alerts readers of his nationally syndicated column, The Tax Adviser, to simple, perfectly legal, tax-saving strategies.

His many books have been praised as "one of the best personal-finance books" (Money); "one of the best tax books, an excellent source of information" (New York Times); "easily the best guide available" (Forbes); and "a triumph of simplicity that tackles the complex world of taxes and communicates to readers in clear, everyday language" (National Association of Enrolled Agents). He often contributes to such magazines as AARP, Bloomberg Personal Finance, Consumer Reports, Financial Planning, Money, Mutual Funds, On Wall Street, Parade, Playboy, Reader's Digest, Vogue, Wealth Manager, and Woman's Day, as well as many trade and professional publications.

In addition to writing and to practicing law in Larchmont, N.Y., he conducts continuing education programs for tax professionals and is a frequent guest on television and radio shows, including Today on NBC and Wall Street Journal Reports. Bryant Gumbel complimented him as "a frequent guest, whose insights are always great fare and with a talent for simplifying the complications of tax work." He holds a master of laws degree in taxation from New York University Graduate Law School, and is a member of the New York Financial Writers Association and a member, and former officer, of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, a national organization of nonfiction writers.

Formerly, Block was with the Internal Revenue Service as a special agent (criminal investigator) and as an attorney. He has taught tax planning at such schools as Adelphi University (for a course held on a commuter train) and New York University, and from 1987 to 1998, was the tax expert for Prodigy, the online service.

You may contact Julian at JulianBlockTaxExpert.com.

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