Navigating Medicare

Independent Living Issue: Navigating Medicare

If you’re a boomer caring for an aging loved one, you’re probably dealing with Medicare, the federal health insurance program for adults 65 and older (and others with certain disabilities). It's also likely that you have questions—lots of questions.

If, for example, Mom needs a short-term rehab stay in a skilled nursing facility, the following naturally arise:

     • What will the rehab stay cost?
     • Will Medicare pay for everything?
     • Does she meet eligibility criteria?
     • How does she apply for Medicare benefits?
     • Will she need a supplemental Medicare plan (Medigap)?

"As a once-skeptical consumer of phone counseling, I was won over by the Silver Advisor who assisted me. The breadth and depth of her eldercare experience, excellent listening skills, ability to quickly and thoroughly assess my mother’s issues, and provide essential advice was impressive. I found her recommendations very helpful and won’t hesitate to use this valuable service again."

                                                                                          —Brooke, Seattle, WA 

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Independent Living Issue: Navigating Medicare

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