Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Acid Reflux

OTC medications are just a Band-Aid

By Elaine Magee
(Reviewed by Susan Hindman)

The numbers are huge. Worldwide, 18% of people suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), commonly called acid reflux. Reflux and heartburn (which is the most common symptom of reflux) affect around 10% of Americans daily—that’s 15 million people, with another 45 million suffering from it once a month. To add another complication to the mix is a newly discovered type of reflux called nonacid reflux. Both types involve the same dilemma: fluids from the stomach that travel backward into the esophagus.

It’s making a lot of people miserable.

[amazon cover 1601630190]Elaine Magee, registered dietitian, and author of the 2007 book Food Synergy, offers help in finding relief from acid reflux. She added more nutritional science, data, and beneficial recipes to one of the most popular books in her seven-book Tell Me What to Eat series and has re-released Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Acid Reflux. The book is loaded with information about this condition and has advice on how to ask your doctor or dietitian focused questions. As with other books in the series, she includes a daily journal to keep track of what’s going on.

Most people who suffer from it know the triggers. Prime suspects are fried or fatty foods, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, chocolate, peppermint and spearmint, garlic, onions, citrus fruits and juices, tomato products, chili peppers, and pepper. Often, people will try to solve the resulting heartburn by popping an over-the-counter medication and think they’re managing the problem because they might feel better for a while. But it’s just a Band-Aid.

“It’s one thing to have a little indigestion and take something once a month,” said Anthony Starpoli, MD, director of Gastroesophageal Reflux and Endosurgery at St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center in Manhattan, whom Magee consulted for the book and who wrote the forward. “But if you’re taking Tums every day, Maalox every week, there’s probably something going on,” he said.

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