Karen Braitmayer

Karen Braitmayer

Studio Pacifica principal Karen L. Braitmayer, FAIA, offers the unusual combination of personal experience as a lifelong wheelchair user with her professional expertise as a registered architect. She has made accessibility consulting and design services her focus since 1990 and founded Studio Pacifica, Ltd., in 1993.

Karen has worked with civic and private organizations committed to complying with federal laws and state codes and to creating spaces that work optimally for the unique needs of individual users. She has served on numerous boards and committees, supporting or representing people with disabilities and won awards for her contributions.

She is a frequent and enthusiastic speaker to other professionals and the general public on the topics of accessibility, universal design, and the art of turning your differences into your strengths.

On September 14, 2010, President Obama appointed Karen to the U.S. Access Board, an independent federal agency that provides leadership in accessible design under the ADA and other laws. Its governing board is structured to function as a coordinating body among federal agencies and to directly represent the public, particularly people with disabilities.

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Karen Braitmayer

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