Winter's End

By Carla Hedstrom

I am ready for spring. This has been a pretty mild winter for us, but I am tired of brown grass, bare trees, and piles of dirty snow hiding under the pine trees.

Spring cannot be far away, because last week I saw robins outside the windows of my classroom. We have had several days with temperatures of 65 degrees—warm enough to take a walk with no coat. However, winter can’t let go too easily. Parts of the state recently had up to eight inches of snow. Having been in San Jose, California, for several days, where the plum and magnolia trees are blooming, I had to swallow hard before stepping off the plane into single-digit temperatures and swirling snow.  

However, the snow has already begun melting, serving to water the tulip bulbs starting to peek through the dirt around my mailbox. I’m getting itchy to plant something—but it’s a rule of thumb here to avoid planting much of anything until at least Mother’s Day. We have been surprised by snow more than once in April and early May. So, I guess maybe I’ll pull out a seed catalog, sit by the fire, and daydream of the flowers I’ll plant later.

By Carla Hedstrom
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