Dance Recitals

Great entertainment!

By Carla Hedstrom

Carla Hedstrom's GranddaughtersWhen was the last time you attended a dance recital? Aren’t they fun? The granddaughters had one this weekend, and, of course, Grandma and Grandpa were more than happy to go.

The costumes were fun—lots of polka dots, feathers, and glitz. Since their hometown was settled by immigrants from Ireland, many of the girls are learning Irish dances as well as tap, ballet, and jazz. I don’t know if they’ll ever make it as a part of Riverdance, but they sure gave it their all. There were some funny moments, especially when the little girls were performing—they just weren’t too sure of when to twirl or stand on their toes or bow. Most of the time, their eyes are on the teacher hiding behind the curtain.

I remember one dance recital when a little girl was very angry and stood for the entire dance with her arms folded and her feet planted. No way was she going to dance. I felt sorry for her parents who had paid hundreds of dollars for lessons and costumes and only got to see her have a temper tantrum. However, it was amusing for the rest of the audience.

It’s the time of year for recitals; I highly recommend finding one in your neighborhood. You’ll be guaranteed several hours of entertainment.

By Carla Hedstrom
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