An Office Move

By Nancy Jelinek

I knew, before leaving for 10 days last Christmas, that there might be a move coming in the future—not out of town or even across the street, but to the other side of the building I in which I work.

I had offered to move wherever I needed to be, even if it meant giving up my larger office. However, I’d been told I’d probably get to stay right where I was and the new people coming in to share our office space would fit in around me. HA!

My first Monday back at work, I had to move and I had to start NOW. It turned out that my office space was to be smaller after all. Please understand, I’ve been there for over 20 years and am the keeper of the “history” (i.e., I don’t throw much away). Piles of paper I hadn’t looked at in quite some time (but thought I needed as backup!) met the office shredder.

Let’s just say it’s been interesting and invigorating and freeing. Yippee!

By Nancy Jelinek
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