Introduction to a New (to Me!) Author

Winner of Norway’s Riverton Prize

By Nancy Jelinek

I was introduced to a new writer in May—K.O. Dahl, referred to as the Norwegian Henning Mankell on the back cover of his latest book, The Man in the Window.

[amazon cover 0571230911]
Discovering that this was not the first in a series, I had to order The Fourth Man, winner of Norway’s Riverton Prize for Best Crime Novel, and start at the beginning. I was so taken with this first book that I decided to review it, a wonderful pager-turner that was difficult to put down.

From that same back cover I found other Scandinavian authors to try: Arnaldur Indridason and Kjell Eriksson. They, however, will have to wait until another day—too many books and not enough time.   

By Nancy Jelinek
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